Time to “Moo-ve” on from Skim Milk?

I was perusing the paper and came across an article speaking about the benefits of a full fat milk over that of low fat milk. In the paper the researchers discuss the fact that their study; of significant size (3333 participants!), showed that those who consumed full fat/whole milk products instead of skim milk showed a dramatic DECREASE in prevalence of diabetes.

My first inclination was to immediately assume that perhaps those who were drinking the fat reduced milk were doing so in an effort to lose weight, and were therefore already at a higher risk for diabetes. The study does make mention of this and actually referenced another study that showed a reduction of obesity in those drinking full fat milk (by 8%). Interesting really, but at the same time the fact that a “normal” product being advantageous over the “low fat”, “reduced fat” or “light” version should really be of no surprise. For years Lauren and I have spoke to people in regards to not going for the “light” version, in order to lose weight and be healthier. Most of the time it is not the “full fat” food item that is the cause of the issue; but rather the choice of product to begin with. Let’s take milk for example. Many folks take issue with milk in general (we’re the only species to drink milk outside of infancy, and the only one to drink a milk of another species); substituting for a milk alternative may be a healthier choice. Unsweetened Almond Milk is a great alternative to milk. When you look at all food choices this way perhaps there are better alternatives to the “unhealthy” food and drink choices (water vs cola, butter vs margarine, and more come to mind.)

So, instead of immediately jumping on the “low fat” version of whatever you are trying to reduce first look at whether it is a necessity ¬†in your diet, and whether there is a healthier alternative to the “light” version. Remember that where they take ‘something’ out, they’ll need to replace that something with an additive in all likelihood.

I don’t profess to be a nutrition ‘expert’, but simple things like choosing real/whole foods over processed or highly refined foods should be known by all.

Oh, and eat avocados… they are full of fat… really, really good fat!

Dr. Matt Lindsay, DC
Aligned Chiropractic – Burlington, ON


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