Precision and a Plan

The other day I had the pleasure of watching something quite impressive. At home our old garden shed had seen better days; it was time to replace it. I don’t proclaim to be the handiest guy around when it come to home improvements or building projects therefore I decided to use my best available tool for this particular endeavor… my credit card.

We hired a company through the recommendation of a friend and a few patients. I, like most people, prefer to take recommendations from friends about who they’ve used in the past. (I realize that this is how the majority of folks find me or through the reviews on our google page)

I really wasn’t prepared for what I would see. After spending the afternoon on Saturday dismantling the old shed, the new one was scheduled to go up on Tuesday. The company we used are aptly named “Shed-in-a-day” and the over deliver on their name. Here is a little breakdown of the day:

  • 11:30am – the owner of the operation drops off the shed in sections on a purpose built trailer
  • Noon – two man construction crew arrive on site where they great me and ask to be shown to where we’d like the shed to go. They make any concerns known as to any issues with our proposed site. We then agree on where it should sit.
  • 12:15pm – they begin to unload the pre-constructed panels and carefully lay them out on the grass in such a way they can easily be applied in order.
  • 12:30pm – They start measuring out and digging the foundations; meticulously measuring and leveling to ensure things are in their proper place.
  • 1:00pm – the foundation is set into place sitting level and ready to take on the rest of the building
  • 2:00pm – The shed is up, and completely finished. Solid as a rock.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… what the heck does this have to do with Chiropractic?!

Well, honestly… I see parallels to how I work.

Nothing happens in this shed build by happenstance. I spoke to the owner when he dropped off the shed parts. He told me when he first started the company many years ago it would take them a day and a half to put one up. They’ve now streamlined the process and are ensuring that they are delivering on their namesake (we were the SECOND install that day!). In our office nothing happens without a PLAN. Whether it is an infant or an adult, we always have a plan in place to make sure our patients are benefiting from the care we provide. You can look at the initial consult as our pre-construction phase. We are determining whether what we offer is appropriate for the presenting patient. If they need a shed and we sell shrubs and bushes… then we aren’t a good fit. If their need Aligns with what we do… then obviously we move forward. Once we start to assess and see where somebody needs to make changes, and listen to their questions and concerns, we make our recommendations as to how best serve them. I see a lot of parallels to how they looked at our yard and made some recommendations, as I will look at a patient and make lifestyle recommendations along with clinical recommendations.

What it comes down to is, as the title suggests, a combination of Precision and a Good Plan. Without that we are simply trying to build without plans and that simply doesn’t work.

If you think that you know someone that needs to be seen, let them know how we work. If you don’t we always appreciate reviews on the popular review sites like google.

If you need me I’ll be putting stuff back in the shed.

Dr. Matt Lindsay
Aligned Chiropractic – Burlington, ON


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