A Reason Not to Visit the “farm”

While perusing some of the online sites I came across and interesting article which looks at the farm fishing industry. It goes into great depths as to why we need to find a better alternative.
Fish used to be the healthy alternative to other meat proteins. Now… not so much. Reading through this article made me feel sick, due to the fact that finding wild fish in the store is more and more difficult it seems. Some stores you really have to search the packaging or the display card to figure out if they are truly wild caught fish.
The bigger concern; to me, might be this quote:

According to Kurt Oddekalv, a respected Norwegian environmental activist, about 50 percent of farmed cod are deformed, and female cod that escape from farms are known to mate with wild cod, spreading the genetic mutations and deformities into the wild population.

If the gene pool for not only the farmed fish, but also the wild fish is being harmed to then there is really a cause for concern. This goes as far as looking at your Omega-3 supplement and where it is derived from. If it is from a farmed fish base… perhaps it’s time to look at an alternative.

Thankfully there are recommendations for folks wanting to still eat fish in their diet in; Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, Anchovies, and Sardines. The reasons stated in the article make a lot of sense. The Salmon has a 3 year life cycle and has less of a likelihood of being contaminated in that area. The small fish, who are at the bottom of the food chain, are less likely to have the time to accumulate as well (but they do caution not to get any from the Baltic sea region due to high pollutant levels).

Good idea to check your local fishmonger and see what they have on offer before making the call for dinner if fish is in the plans.

A quick one today… but I think a very important one.

Dr. Matt Lindsay
Aligned Chiropractic, Burlington


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