Letting Kids Be Themselves

In my time as a Chiropractor I have had the pleasure of working with patients of all shapes and sizes, from the very small infants to the Great Grandparents, and I have loved serving each and everyone of them.

I tend to peruse the scholarly journals from time to time… and often get a great article or two shared to me via a colleague (thank you Dr. Nags for this one!). I have had the pleasure of watching this particular transformation first hand in our office. We hear a lot about Autism and ADHD, and to a lesser extent areas such as Sensory Processing Disorders. As a bunch they are simply labels that do little to improve things on their own. There are often behavioural components, at times speech issues, and at other times a combination of these (and more). I don’t like labels; I’ve said it before. I think labels are for food and dangerous chemicals, not people.  I have had many “Labelled” children come through my office (labelled adults too!). A recent study I read today speaks to the changes possible when these children (and adults) find the right Chiropractic office. Watching a child become themselves is EXTRA rewarding! I can honestly say that I have watched children come into the office like little tornadoes unable to connect to their parents or strangers. Our first visit takes a little longer than usual. We have to gain their trust, and when that happens, and their body starts to function the way it was intended. The changes can be remarkable.

In thinking back while reading the above study I’m reminded of the case of a young girl with Sensory processing disorder. On her first visit she was bouncing off the walls like a pinball. She wanted to touch everything in sight. The knobs and levers on my table were of particular interest. As she explored, I spoke with her Mom. Clearly very distraught with her daughters behaviour, and worried that we would be upset by it. I explained I was comfortable dealing with all children; boisterous, shy or somewhere in between. What we watched unfold over the coming weeks was nothing short of amazing. My new Assistant at the time couldn’t believe the changes, as she had only had experience with Chiropractic as it related to back pain. In a matter of weeks this little tornado of a little girl became more connected, calmer, and no longer needed to play with every small item in her field of vision. Mom was also able to relax and let her daughter be herself.

Chiropractic let her BE HERSELF. Think about that for a minute. There are lots of other things that were attempted, including drugs and dietary changes, but the biggest change came from allowing her body to reconnect. We brought her body back to it’s normal structure, and let her nervous system do the work.

This is why I love what I do. Going from trying to corral a little one (often like trying to herd cats!!) on my first meeting to speaking to her about what she did in school that week.

Know that your bodies are capable of amazing things, they just need the right structure to allow it to happen.

Be well.
Dr. Matt Lindsay, DC – Aligned Chiropractic – Burlington, ON


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