Creating Smiles

This time of year tends to make people reflect on the past year of events. The losses, the missed opportunities, but mostly the wins and the smiles gained.

I have always tried to build our office around the premise of a smile. What does that mean? When someone comes into our practice we want them to not only feel welcomed as a whole, but to truly feel they belong. When we feel we belong… we tend to smile more! Happily I can say that we have successfully created a lot of new smiles in our office this year, from gummy smiles of a newborn to the toothy grins of our oldest patients (maybe dentures… but they still count!).

What makes a smile, though? In the past year I can think of countless events that produced smiles in the office:

  • Helping a ‘Mom to be’ achieve her goal of delivering her baby, her way.
  • People changing in front of my eyes from someone tired, worn down, exhausted, irritable, etc to a happy go lucky person.
  • Patients reporting huge life changes; marriages, babies, anniversaries and the like.
  • The amazing power of a sticker given to a youngster in the office!
  • Watching a child walk for the first time after an adjustment!!
  • Hearing about a successful hockey, volleyball, football, etc game or tryout.
  • Being told by a mother that the impact of the office on her son has far greater reaching than how he feels. That direction in his life has taken a dramatic turn for the better!
  • The kindness of our patients towards myself, Lauren, Marija and Ashlee.
  • The jokes…. I love the jokes I get told!
  • The patient who reports how much impact Chiropractic has had on them; sometimes on an initial consult with a patient who has been referred from an out of town Chiropractor.
  • I can go on… but I will end with my favourite smile:
    The one that is on a face for no reason at all. The person simply comes in smiling and open.

Looking at all the bad in the world and letting it weigh us down will rarely help our cause, personally or as a nation/world. I don’t often do this; but I’d like to end with a quote:

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

-Charlie Chaplin

Be good to one another, pass on a smile and brighten someones day. If you can, bring in a toy for our toy drive to put a smile on a childs face this holiday season.

Dr. Matt Lindsay, DC
Aligned Chiropractic – Burlington, ON


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